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    • The Forensic Investigation of War Crimes and Mass Graves

    • The Speakers - Caroline Barker, Robert McNeil, Roland Wessling & Mark Viner

    • Grave Faces - A Forensic Technician's Story of Gathering Evidence of Genocide in Bosnia - Robert McNeil

    • Webinar Recording - The Forensic Investigation of Mass Graves - Roland Wessling - 10th September

    • Webinar Recording - Help - No Radiographer ! A forensic technicians experience of war crimes investigations - Robert McNeil - 10th September

    • Webinar Recording - The Srebrenica Massacre – July 1995 - The role of radiography in the forensic investigation and victim identification of war crimes- Dr Mark Viner - 10th September

    • Webinar Recording - The application of forensic archaeological and anthropological methods and harnessing technologies in the investigation of international crimes - Caroline Barker - 10th September

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